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Tour Report - Praia D'El Rey, Oct 2023

27 eager GSGB members made their flights to Lisbon determined to enjoy a 10-day golfing holiday break on the North Portuguese Coast. Arriving at the 5* Marriott Hotel at Praia D’El Rey to blue skies and hot sunshine we had much to look forward to. Priorities were needed. First we found the bar that overlooked the Atlantic and then a enjoyed a splendid group buffet. Anticipation was in the air.

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Praia D'El Rey
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West Cliffs
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Royal Obidos

Our 5 rounds of planned golf were over 3 highly rated Portuguese courses, Praia D’El Rey, West Cliffs and Royal Obidos. These are high quality courses with a variety of challenges with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and several options of tees to help our excited travellers face up to their golfing task. In superb hot weather with clear blue skies, many sensibly chose to attempt the long tee-fairway carries off forward tees. The tournament leader had to be mentally adept to provide competitions and handicap adjustments that were fair to all. He did his best!!

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One for the Mantelpiece!!!



Our golf was an eclectic mix of skill and misfortune and was crowned by a magnificent hole-in-one. This epic highlight was conjured up by the 7-wood of Anne Marie Martin whose drive was cheered through the air and met with screams of delight when discovered nestling in the hole (the 3rd at Praia D’El Rey). The success was celebrated joyously and fizzingly at our pre final drinks ‘session’.

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The Hotel Pool
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Shave or Haircut Sir?
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What more could you ask?

We enjoyed glorious afternoons at the splendid pool, massages at the spa and fabulous local dining experiences at nearby restaurants. The locally caught fish meals were beautiful especially when consumed whilst watching the sun set over the Atlantic.

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Obidos Street
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The Walled City of Obidos
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Our Man in Obidos

Leisure day groups visited the ancient walled city of Obidos and an excellent winery tour (with tasting before lunch!). All in all this was a splendid trip. Great golf, a superb hotel with helpful staff, great company with friendships made and cemented. Well done GSGB for putting together such a fine event. All who attended really enjoyed it and vowed to do it again.